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July 2015
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Alton cooks biscuits and gravy for the one and only William Shatner on this week’s Alton Browncast. Hear the story behind the dish, why both men love flying, and finish the hour with a glass of bubbly.

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Alton and Andrew Zimmern talk about their love of storytelling, the need to give back, and the road from addiction to recovery. Then the tables turn and Andrew interviews Alton over on the Go Fork Yourself podcast!

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Have you emailed, tweeted, or Facebook-ed Alton a question? Listen in and see if he answers yours.

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Team Hot Dog or Team Hamburger? Alton Brown talks with Jack Hurley, the proprietor of a 1960s-esque hot dog stand in South Carolina called Jack’s Cosmic Dogs. They debate the science of fries and why vegetarian menu items are key.

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Atlanta artist HENSE is known for abstract exterior mural installations, but got his start with graffiti. He talks with Alton about finding inspiration, success, how he knows when a project is finished, and the work he did for Alton’s test kitchen. See more of his work at

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Alton visits with Sother Teague, Beverage Director at Amor y Amargo, on today’s podcast. While they taste their way through bitter tinctures and potables, Sother explains why all the drinks he makes are brown, bitter, and stirred.

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Samantha Brown (no relation) joins Alton Brown this week to talk travel. Find out why Samantha always talks to the nighttime security man, what words you must know in any language, and why she caught the travel bug in Latin America - not Europe. She also shares some tips on travelling with kids.

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Alton Brown aka Encyclo-smokia Brown and John Hodgman remember their epic barbecue journey, talk facial hair, and hear what happened when John’s Twitterfeed was hacked by a tiny human in his house.

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Actor and martial artist, Mark Dacascos joins Alton on the podcast to talk about his early desire to become a Buddhist monk, his love for Shakespeare, and improvising the character of Iron Chef America’s Chairman. Find out what he says when asked about his uncle in Japan and if Alton Brown is really that smart.

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This week Alton interviews Michael Ruhlman about freeing people from recipes, the future of cookbooks, and what sets the great chefs apart. They try to predict the future of food and get excited about eggs.

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