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April 2014
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Alton Brown aka Encyclo-smokia Brown and John Hodgman remember their epic barbecue journey, talk facial hair, and hear what happened when John’s Twitterfeed was hacked by a tiny human in his house.

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Actor and martial artist, Mark Dacascos joins Alton on the podcast to talk about his early desire to become a Buddhist monk, his love for Shakespeare, and improvising the character of Iron Chef America’s Chairman. Find out what he says when asked about his uncle in Japan and if Alton Brown is really that smart.

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This week Alton interviews Michael Ruhlman about freeing people from recipes, the future of cookbooks, and what sets the great chefs apart. They try to predict the future of food and get excited about eggs.

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Ever wonder whose job it is to build a kitchen in the middle of a beach, design the sabotages on Cutththroat Kitchen, or wash the dishes when the cameras stop rolling? For many of Food Network’s shows, it is Katie Allen, culinary producer. She talks with Alton about the magic of Kitchen Stadium and how a bell pepper almost kept her from her dream job at Food Network.

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Alton Brown talks to Brooks Reitz of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. about his company’s namesake (the man, the myth, the legend), the inspiration for interesting elixers, and the reemergence of cocktail culture. Alton shares his technique for the perfect G&T.

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Alton Brown asks Kevin Brauch how he got the Drinking Robot nickname, hears a vintage speech about McDonald’s hamburgers, and defends his fruitcake. All this, and why Kevin slapped Alton and shouted down the hall of the Food Network studios.

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Rock stars, tattoos, the history of modern art and the impact of those oh so famous soup cans – that’s where the conversation goes when Robert Sparks, Senior Consultant for the Martin Lawrence Galleries, USA joins Alton for this week’s podcast. Sparks also gives an inside look at the world of fine art and advises on how to get rid of those posters from college and put some treasure on your walls.

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Alton talks to The Boss… well, the boss of The Edible Inevitable Tour, Gretchen Pfarrer. This tour veteran shares stories from 17 years on the road, and explains why she thinks tours like this one are the wave of the future.

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Alton interviews Mike Martin, the production manager for The Edible Inevitable Tour. Mike takes us through a typical day, talks about the difference between TV and theater, and why it is “all about the out.”

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This week on The Alton Browncast, Alton and Donatella Arpaia talk about what it was like growing up in an Italian immigrant family and how celebrity guest judges and her legal training help her judge Iron Chef America. Then the tables turn when Donatella asks Alton a series of questions.

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